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Connecting People and Industry

In the current era in which time is more valuable than the actual price of a product, we created a new way in which equipment users and manufacturers are able to interact, allowing to expedite the search for equipment and new technologies.

Elimination of Borders

We offer an agile alternative in communications between manufacturers and users                             

Generation of Confidence

Make decisions based on equipment reviews and other users’ experiences                        

Contactless environment

Rapidly search and find equipment and technologies, using an intuitive digital tool

Introduction to e-bridg

Current communications between users and manufacturers of equipment is done through the Web pages of equipment manufacturers. There is no portal specialized in industrial equipment which simultaneously allows the use of a communication channel to share experiences and generate equipment reviews.


Our broad experience during several decades in the industrial and in the projects’ sector have allowed us to have a good understanding of users’ needs, who in order to find an industrial equipment and new technologies, have to make extensive research, going through long search and procurement processes that at times, can become tedious.


e-bridg emerges as a solution to problems of connectivity between the people and the industry.


Contactless environment

Make your search according to your needs, regardless of the time factor

Comparison of relevant information

Avoid making equipment decisions based on price

Accelerates response times

Information flows directly between the user and manufacturer, allowing faster decision-making

Fast Searching Process

Find, quote and purchase equipment according to your Project timeline

Positive Environmental Impact

Totally paperless information platform

Positive Social Impact

We connect experts in the Project Area, who can show their products and offer their services as consultants

Technology Research

Find state-of-the-art technologies in just a click

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