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In condensing applications, the steam is on the shell side, with the cold side on the plate side. Shell side (steam) flow enters the exchanger at the top of the shell and the condensate exits at the bottom.

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Plate side flow is counter-current: the exchanger operates on the counter-current principle. Steam on the end plate side/cold side in the shell and vent condenser designs are also possible.
The construction of the Vahterus Plate & Shell Heat Exchanger is ideal for condensing applications due to its high thermal efficiency. Vahterus heat exchangers can be used as condensers in various business areas, such as heat and power, HVAC, refrigeration and chemical applications. The key benefits in refrigeration applications also include reduced refrigerant charge and low pressure drop. Plate & Shell Heat Exchangers are suitable for all refrigerants over a wide temperature and capacity range (up to 100,000 kW).

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